Pumpkin Curry

Since Fall is approaching I thought I would give in to the pumpkin craze that happens every season. I knew I wanted to make a savory meal instead of a dessert and I knew I wanted to use pumpkins instead of buying a can of pumpkin puree.  So I thought a perfect Fall dish would… More Pumpkin Curry

Beet Soup

Yep, you read that right beet soup. Doesn’t it sound delicious? Don’t knock it until you try it!  This was actually a test recipe.  As you know I love to cook meatless meals and of course I wanted to try something meatless and healthy.  Since Fall season is approaching I decided to go the soup… More Beet Soup

Lobster Ceviche

Summer is dwindling down (although here in Texas it’s still HOT as ever) and today I made one of my favorite summer dishes, lobster ceviche. Ceviche is really popular dish served at many Latin restaurants and some say originated in Peru.  Although today a lot of restaurants, here in America serve ceviche as an appetizer.  Ceviche is… More Lobster Ceviche

Chocolate Pasta

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, there is such a thing as CHOCOLATE PASTA! I had a dessert concept in my head about making chocolate pasta a few months ago, however when I actually went online to see if this even existed to my surprise it already did.  In fact some specialty stores even carry and sell… More Chocolate Pasta