Mia Bella Trattoria


Penne al Salmone
Penne al Salmone

A delicious mid afternoon treat as we ran into Mia Bella while out for a random shopping trip at First Colony Mall in Sugarland.  We almost headed into the Brazilian Cafe located directly across Mia Bella but I hadn’t had Italian food in awhile (no pasta due to my ‘diet’) so I suggested to my mother for us to have lunch there instead. And boy am I glad we did!


For my main entree I choose to go with the Penne al Salmone (Atlantic salmon pieces, sautéed with fresh spinach and parmesan cheese in a tomato basil cream sauce). Again the entree was even better than the appetizer! I could not put my fork down even though I was already full but I could not walkaway leaving one bite behind (I had help from my mom)! I would have loved to try some wine but I think I will next time with my girlfriends and when I am not with my son. A definite try for anyone in the area! Highly recommended.




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