This is my first time participating in Houston Restaurant Week, which is running until September 1st. So since this is my first experience I decided I wanted to try some Indian food since I do not see many establishments around in Houston. I finally decided to go with the authentic, Indika, located in the heart of the popular Montrose area of Houston. Opening its doors in July of 2001, Indika is owned by Ravi & Anita Jaisinghani who are both from India. Anita is responsible for the authentic tasting menu at Indika describing the menu and food as “street foods of Mumbai and Delhi (better known as chaats), thrown in snippets of the flavorful simplicity of Gujarati vegetarianism, added the fragrant seafood curries of Kerala and paired it with the rich and complex preparations of Punjabi and Sindhi.”

I had a wonderful server, Jason, who first delivered some delicious, warm garlic naan served with corn chaat. My son and I ate all the naan before the first course arrived! My first course was Crab Samosa, which consisted of a triangular pastry with crabmeat, ajwain, coconut and kari leaf; arugula currant salad, papaya ginger chutney. Delicious is an understatement I wish I had more than one to devour! The crab paired with the chutney was a delightful taste and I couldn’t stop eating it.

Following the first course I went with the Tandoori Quail, since I have never had the pleasure of tasting quail before. Stuffed with pine nuts and caramelized onion masala, tomato ginger curry, and okra, my meal was beautifully presented to me I almost didn’t want to tear into it.  I’ll be honest as my first time having quail I wasn’t a fan, however mixing the quail with the spice filled tomato ginger curry sauce added the bang of flavor I was missing if I had just ate the quail alone.

The final course was Chocolate Dipped Fresh Figs served in cardamom saffron yogurt. I am so glad I choose this for dessert and according to my server was a very popular dish at Indika! Understandably so it was pleasantly delicious.

Overall I had a pleasurable experience. Even though my son was extremely fussy throughout the entire meal, the staff was generous and nice and the food accomplished exactly what I set out to do that day. Enjoy a taste of India!

Appetite Deluxe Food Scale: 7.5               Overall Experience: 8.5

516 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006
(713) 524-2170

Indika located in Montrose






Chocolate covered figs

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