The Union Kitchen

Continuing my journey for Houston Restaurant Week, my next stop was at The Union Kitchen located in the Memorial area of Houston. I was excited to taste the menu since I had previewed what they would be serving beforehand by searching online. Unfortunately, my server informed me that they would not be doing the restaurant week menu due to the busy brunch service at that particular time. Although disappointed, I had never dined at The Union Kitchen and was still excited to try a few things on the menu. I could’ve went for the brunch service but wanted to try some healthier alternatives on the menu so I went with the popular Crab Napoleon and Farmers Market Salad. Stunning presentation on both dishes and extremely appetizing and enjoyable! The Crab Napoleon consists of Texas blue lump crab with avocado & caribbean fruit salsa. The Farmers Market Salad is a cucumber ring served with local mixed field greens, pecans, goat cheese & cherry tomatoes & balsamic vinegar. Both dishes amazing and you don’t have to put a dent in your wallet for either dish. The Crab Napoleon is $12 and the Farmers Market Salad $8. Appetite Deluxe Food Scale: 7.5              Overall Experience: 7.5

12538 Memorial Dr., Houston, TX 77024 (713) 360-2000

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