The Waffle Bus

I have been hearing quite a few rumblings about the infamous Waffle Bus and their fried chicken and waffles.  I just had lunch earlier so I wasn’t in the mood to try their fried chicken and waffles but did opt for dessert, so I wanted to try the ‘Strawberry Irish Cream Creme Brûlée’ waffle.  After I put in my order it literally took about a minute before my name was called and I was staring into the best looking waffle I have seen in awhile.  However when I took my first bite I was underwhelmed. To start my waffle was cold and a bit hard on the outsides, also there was so much creme on the waffle it made it soggy in the middle.  I read from other reviewers that their waffles are nice, crunchy and sweet and unfortunately that just wasn’t the case with my experience.  Did it taste good? Yes no doubt about that, however you can put Irish Cream and Strawberries on anything and I’d pretty much eat it. Did my experience live up to the hype I heard so much about The Waffle Bus? For me that would be a no.  I think if I see them again in the area I will try the chicken and waffle combo and maybe I will have better luck next time. To view their schedule and menu visit their site

Appetite Deluxe Food Scale: 6  






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