Adair Kitchen

Adair Kitchen mixes a fresh food twist on classic American casual dishes.  Equipped with an Espresso/Coffee/Juice bar, Adair has a down home kitchen style feel and ambiance. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and I heard it can get pretty crowded so I decided to go on weekday for breakfast to beat the rush.  The service at Adair Kitchen is order at the front and sit down service, as the waiters bring the food to you.

I couldn’t decided between a few items so being the foodie I am I ordered everything that sounded appeasing to my taste buds.  Balsamic eggs was the first thing I wanted to try which consists of two poached eggs on grilled asparagus, baked parmesan tomato, and wheat toast.  A little too much balsamic glaze for my liking but I did enjoy the poached eggs.  Unfortunately thats all I really enjoyed from the meal.  The parmesan baked tomato was ok nothing special.

The next thing I ordered was the baked peaches and cottage cheese.  Cinnamon baked peaches served with cottage cheese.  I must admit I am not a fan of cottage cheese but wanted to try this dish.  It was a nice pleasant surprise it was yummy and my son actually ate it as well.

The stand out item for breakfast was the Banana multi-grain pancake.  It was delicious! In fact I didn’t even need butter or syrup it was moist and delicious on its own.  I would definitely recommend ordering the pancakes at Adair.  Overall I must say I wasn’t really impressed with my breakfast.  In total I spent about $22, which is not bad at all (I also ordered a small cappuccino).  I would come again to try their lunch and dinner menu options.

5161 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77056
(713) 623-6100

Appetite Deluxe Food Scale: 6         Overall Experience: 8








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