Cacao & Cardamom

If you’re looking for the top luxury and gourmet chocolate shop in town than look no further that Cacao & Cardamom, located in the Galleria Area.  Inspired by ingredients and spices from around the world, Cacao & Cardamom brings a new twist on chocolate.  I got to visit the luxury chocolate shop for a ‘Chocolate 101 Class & Cocktail Reception’ hosted by the creator and owner of Cacao & Cardamom, Annie Rupani.  Annie proudly proclaims that each bon-bon is hand-crafted and hand painted in cocoa butter to express the flavors and originality of each piece of chocolate.  Cacao & Cardamom has various flavors such as Strawberry Bubble Gum, Five Spice Praline, Coco Curry, Blueberry Lime and Pineapple Fennel Caramel just to name a few.  They also make about 20 types of chocolate per day!

Fortunately for us we each got to partake in a personal lesson from Annie on how she makes her decadent chocolates. It was my first time taking a class on how to make chocolate and it was very entertaining mixing and mingling with the other guests, having fun, and looking a bit clueless, as to how to make our own chocolates.  Annie was more than personable and patient with her guests teaching us step-by-step her process for making her fabulous gourmet chocolates.

We were also treated to a champagne reception and got to sample some of the sweets.  Perhaps the best chocolate I have ever had! It is a bit pricey? Yes.  Is it worth it? Definitely yes! (5 pieces of candy will cost you around $12)

Each chocolate is like a work of art and you can really see the time and dedication she took for each single piece of chocolate that she hand crafted.  A beautiful decor shop with nicely arranged various chocolate syrups and spices on display for your viewing pleasure.  Not bad for a 24 year old former student who had originally went to school to become a lawyer.

Appetite Deluxe Food Scale: 10         Overall Experience: 8.5

5000 Westheimer Rd #602, Houston, TX 77056 (281) 501-3567

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Owner, Annie Rupani

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