National Taco Day! Taco Nuts Food Truck

Houston is not the best city known for its abundance of food trucks roaming the city streets, but once I do see or spot one I’m always the first to try something new.  So to my great surprise (and just in the time for National Taco Day) my hubby and I saw a few at a wine festival.  If you haven’t known, for a few years my hubby and I have been brainstorming for a business idea for a food truck, so it never hurts to check out the competition!  We hadn’t had the biggest appetites by this time of the day so we decided to one truck so we went with Taco Nuts, created and owned by chef L.J. Wiley.  After spending a few years in New York City learning new and perfecting his old culinary techniques.  Wiley returned to Houston to create his own traveling kitchen, Taco Nuts. We ordered just at random so we went with the Chicken, Pork and Avocado tacos (3 for $10).  First the tacos were extremely small which would not be a major problem if the portion or even the flavor was up to par but unfortunately this time was not the case.  Disappointed would be an understatement, having lived in Spanish Harlem for awhile back in the day I have tasted way better quality and tasting tacos and being born and raised in Texas, this was no real tex-mex.  We walked away feeling a bit ripped off.  Not to mention we didn’t even get a glass of wine at the festival. Talk about a bust! Follow Taco Nuts on Twitter for its current location.

Appetite Deluxe Food Scale: 5         Overall Experience: 5 shot_1412455000915 shot_1412454613622 shot_1412454323800 shot_1412454752798


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