Katherine Sabbath: Cake Extraordinaire

If you haven’t heard the name Katherine Sabbath by now you definitely will by the end of the year.  A high school teacher by day turned part-time creator of visual stunning cakes at night! I stumbled across her Instagram Page a few months ago and was instantly a fan.  Katherine, who has described herself as an ‘Over-enthusiastic High School Teacher who on occasion, bakes the world a better place.’ She is a self-taught baker and turned her hobby and passion into a blazing hot career (I feel she will be extremely popular in the cake world soon!) Her followers are growing at almost 80,000 people who follow her to get a glimpse of her cake art productions.  She also shares her love of quirky pastries and is a fan (and one of my favorite pastry chefs) of Adriano Zumbo.  She is truly an inspiration to home and self taught bakers like myself! Take a look these extraordinary and unique cakes from Katherine below.

P.S. Sorry guys she’s located in Melbourne, Australia (this is where you weep silently) 😦


unicorn-cake-speckled glitter-ice-cream-cone-cake

6a00d834522c5069e201a511f878f1970c-800wi v43

Raw Vegan Cheesecake by Katherine Sabbath


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