Before & After: Homemade Nut Butter

BEFORE: Choose a nut of your choice. I decided to go for a blend of mixed nuts


DURING: Take your food processor or blender and add about 2-3 cups of nuts. Start to blend your nuts until creamy (about a few minutes) Continuously scraping the sides of the blender until you’ve reached your desired texture of creaminess. HELPFUL TIP: For a more prominent taste try roasting your nuts for a few minutes in the oven before making your nut butter!



AFTER: Voilà! Now you have creamy, yummy nut butter goodness!  



I use mine to incorporate with my baking or use in my smoothies. You can choose any particular nuts of your liking. It’s easy, healthier and a money saver versus buying the peanut or almond butter from the store.  So the next time someone hates on your homemade nut butter you tell them….


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