Coconut Chips


I LOVE fresh food and fruits! It’s actually my dream to have my own garden flourishing with various fruits and veggies. Trust me I have a whole folder on my Mac dedicated with notes and helpful hints for gardening.  So when we move back into our house after renovations I will be growing my own little produce aisle.  I’m that serious.


So I love to give my son and hubby healthy snacks.  I constantly try to get the freshest fruit that hasn’t been chemically altered.  I try to utilize every part of the coconut. From drinking the water (if you want a real ‘treat’ pour rum into the coco water lol TRUST ME) to grating the meat to produce coconut milk (we use for cooking purposes).

I also use the meat to make coconut chips! So yummy and a great healthy treat that is what I am going to show you all today!


I just literally sliced thin pieces of the meat and placed them on a non stick baking tray.




To add a little sweetness to it I drizzled some Agave on the coconut chips before roasting them in the oven.



I wish I could tell you how long I roasted them I kept running around the house trying to do different things simultaneously. However it was no more than 10 mins. I sprinkled a bit of cocoa on some of the chips as well before they went in the oven.  These are trouble-free chips to make trust me!


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  1. Kelsey says:

    Nice! Homemade coconut chips that look incredible!

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  2. What a cool idea!

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