Chocolate Covered Oreos

Something simple yet elegant.


Isn’t that how you typically describe an Oreo cookie?  Not quite, but today’s modern dessert tables and parties are filled with diverse and creative ways to take your typical Oreo cookie like this:


And make them look like this:


So many different ways you can decorate your cookies for your fixed event.  This happened to be done for a friend of mine she’s an Event Planner and needed treats for an even STAT!  So in about 30 minutes I had over 2 dozen Oreo cookies made for her.


I think they fit the theme of the event perfectly!

The key is to have candy melts or good quality chocolate to melt.  I also happened to find this beautiful chocolate transfer sheets at my local cake supply store just the previous day!

There are various techniques to this but I basically used my cupcake pan/molds and placed the transfer sheets (cocoa side up). Or you can do the method like the picture below:


    1. Melt your chocolate. 
    2. Pour melted chocolate on the transfer sheets located in cupcake pan.
    3. Put Oreo on top of chocolate (gently push down with your hand).
    4. Pour more melted chocolate on top of Oreo.
    5. Put aside to cool or in fridge. Once the chocolate has set take out cookies from pan\mold and remove the plastic (from transfer sheet) from Oreo. Serve and enjoy!

Great for dessert tables at parties!  There are a ton of patterns to choose from online as well if you can’t find them locally near you.

On a side note it was my mom’s 62nd birthday over the weekend! Better yet, she wanted a Hershey, chocolate theme party.  So I spent any free time I had trying to decorate as much as I could in the short time I had to prepare.

unnamed (1)





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