Vegan Meringue (from bean juice!)

Meringue from bean juice?!


Yes believe it. There is a new phenomenon going on in the vegan world and they are calling it ‘aquafaba’. Meaning you can take juice from beans (literally any beans) and make meringue. So that means vegan macaroons, cakes, and other sweet treats…from BEAN JUICE!

IMG_20150805_070607 (2)

I actually tried this weeks ago and it worked. I was shocked, amazed, intrigued! I could go on but I won’t. I will say that they do bake funny and weird and you have to play around with it a bit. I decided just to use it to make a simple Pavlova (a meringue cake) took a few tries but I got it.

IMG_20150810_204318 (2)

AMAZING!! To all you vegans out there. Seriously RUN and get you a can of beans and try it for yourself!


You’re welcome!


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