KitchenAid Apple Challenge

If you have been following KitchenAid on their Instagram account you would know they currently have an Apple Challenge going on.  The challenge is for home cooks to make their most creative dish using, you guessed it….apples!


I like them a lot thanks for asking.  I have no idea what to call my dish but its apple and banana balls in a brandy snap cookie I made as a basket.  Covered in a cinnamon syrup with a touch of mascarpone whipped cream and garnished with mint and sliced almonds.


Brandy snaps are pretty easy to make and I actually did a blog post on how I made them awhile back. Click HERE to check it out.  These cookies are delicious and take very minimal ingredients to make.  First I made my Brandy Snaps.


I shaped these particular Brandy Snaps into little baskets to fit the apple scoops.


Then I took my small cookie dough scooper (like the picture below) and started to scoop small balls of apples.



Next up I made some cinnamon syrup. Super simple. It’s a combination of brown and white sugar, flour, ground cinnamon, water and I used my own homemade vanilla extract.  Just bring all ingredients to a boil in a saucepan on the stove and then I reduced the heat and let it cook a bit until the consistency was thick like syrup.

shot_1441836355257 shot_1441837190158

I then scooped some bananas and took the apple and banana and placed them in the brandy snap cookie.


Plate the dessert and drizzle some cinnamon syrup on top of the fruit and garnish with some mint and sliced almonds!



I also tried to replica a cannoli with the brandy snaps filling them with mascarpone whipped cream and lightly sprinkled with cinnamon.


It’s no Master Chef dish


But I tried. What’s your favorite apple dish?

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