Culinary Escapades (and a free gift for my followers)

So much to fit into this post for my foodies, home cooks, chefs, and anyone who just loves a good deal.  Did I mention there is a FREE GIFT for all my followers out there! Yes it’s true.


First I want to talk about a new retail specialty store called Oil & Vinegar, which is basically a culinary gift shop.  They sell various oils, vinegars, marinades, sauces, exotic herbs and spices and so much more. It’s literally like a kid in a candy store for chefs and home cooks.

photo 2

There are only about 20 stores in the country but I assume they will be expanding to more major cities soon.  One thing I LOVE about this store.  They let you taste anything before you actually purchase it. Yes, it true! I tried so many different vinegars such as mango, fig, chocolate, date crème, passion fruit and a few others.  They sell oils imported all the way from Greece, Portugal and Morocco.  I tasted garlic grapeseed oil (amazing) and they sell various size bottles for you to package up your oils to take home. Amazing place (customer service even better)!


(pictures via Oil & Vinegar website)

I ended up getting some Walnut Oil to try in a pesto sauce I made with spinach and kale as opposed to using basil.  It came out delicious and used the sauce for a zucchini pasta dish I made for lunch.


Another thing I wanted to share with you all is a little company called Hatchery that brings taste makers across the country together and unite with a little thing called a hatchery box.  For just $20 a month (no shipping costs) subscribers are treated to a little box of goodies each month from independent makers (sorry this is only available to Canada and U.S. residents only as of now).  This was my first month subscribing and receiving my hatchery box and I love everything I received!



shot_1443037265252 (1)

All the products in this month’s box were vegan/vegetarian friendly (5 products total).  They included Red Pepper Jam from Jammy Yummy the Ginger Gershwin from American Juice Company and a Sweet & Sassy Smokehouse Rub from Chef Dave Martin.

Now for the announcement….all my followers will get a free Graze 4-pack snack box!


What is Graze you ask?  Well Graze delivers healthy snack boxes to your door (either weekly or monthly) and I am giving a chance for all my followers to sample some of their tasty snacks and get your hands on a 4-pack snack box…FOR FREE!!


Healthy snacks with literally hundreds of snacks to choose from. I highly recommend the Thai Chili Bites with Baked Soy Bites (just 80 calories) and the Lemon Drizzle Flapjack.


To receive your free 4-pack snack box all you need to do is go to and enter promo code: DELUXE



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