Red Pepper Jam Macarons

This was a fun recipe I had in mind when I received my Hatchery box (click HERE to see pictures and read about the culinary goodies I received).  I had my eye on the Red Pepper Jam from Jammy Yummy, which is a company who makes all their jams from fresh vegetables.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to cook or bake with this product and yesterday an idea came to me to use the jam as a filling for a macaron.


I don’t really make macarons, in fact this was only my fifth attempt making them and I must say after my numerous attempts I really do enjoy making them now! They are super easy to make not sure why I was having so much trouble before.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Digital scale
  • 4 large egg whites (for vegan use about 5 ounces of bean juice refer to my Vegan Meringue post HERE)
  • 2.5 ounces of sugar (70g)
  • 8.11 ounces of powdered sugar (230g)
  • 4.23 ounces of almond flour (1 cup or 120g)
  • Gel Food Coloring

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C) and whip the egg whites in your mixer on high until they form soft peaks and then add in the sugar and continue to whip until they form stiff peaks (this is where you can add in your gel food coloring).

Sift the powdered sugar & almond flour together (TWICE).  Add this into the egg white/sugar mixture and began to fold this mixture. It took me about 50 folds until my macaron batter was smooth.

20151001_164028 (1)

20151001_164318 20151001_164653

I began to pipe out my macarons on parchment paper and I used a silicone mat specifically for baking macarons. To be honest I found it easier to just free hand it and pipe the cookies out on parchment paper.

20151001_170528 (1)

I sprinkled black sanding sugar I made on some of the cookies to let them look like ‘pepper’ and then I let the cookies rest out for about 45 minutes.


After that I began to bake each tray for about 14-16 minutes. I had to carefully watch them and rotate the tray in the oven every 6-7 minutes.


I used the delicious Red Pepper Jam as my filling.


shot_1443740927279 shot_1443740930020


(macaron recipe via HowToCookThat)


14 thoughts on “Red Pepper Jam Macarons

    1. In fact I already posted your comment on all my social media so I’ll stop by one of your locations one day to see how these macarons sell👍 would love to come in and take photos to see how my vision came to life. Thanks!


    1. It usually takes me about 50-60 folds. Be sure to always WEIGH your ingredients as opposed to measuring by volume. Always sift the dry ingredients twice. Make sure you’re using fresh egg whites And most importantly keep practicing! Don’t worry you’ll get it if I can do it I’m convinced anyone can lol good luck 👍:mrgreen:


      1. I’ve researched macarons and all kinds of suggestions are give including aging eggs whites and being able to use frozen egg whites. Weighing … well, I don’t have a really accurate scale and am unlikely to invest in one at this point. I DID sift the ingredients. They looked good, I think I just didn’t stir enough as I was afraid they were going to deflate TOO much and ended up with almond meringues. Tasty but lumpy. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have to go there one day. I avoid Wal-Mart as I don’t need the temptation to spend money I shouldn’t. It’s been YEARS since I tried making the macarons. I don’t even remember which recipe I used. One try and that was it for me. 🙂


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