The Nightmare Before Christmas Macarons

Halloween is around the corner…


and that means marathon watching of one of my favorite movies, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.  A friend of mine wanted me to make about a few dozen macarons for a Halloween party she is having this weekend (she’s going out the country soon so she is celebrating early).  She didn’t care what I made as long as it was Halloween themed.  So I immediately thought of Jack Skellington.



Simple to make. Just a basic macaron recipe (like the one I did HERE) some Bright White Food Coloring


A Gourmet Writer pen in Black.


And a real steady hand


When your macarons cool just take an image of Jack Skellington from your PC or laptop and start to draw.


shot_1444342526375 shot_1444342533052

I used a Marshmallow Crème filling.

shot_1444342906240 shot_1444342851326

P.S. I made some meringue kisses…Halloween style of course! Ghosts & witch’s hats.


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