Braided Pie Crust

It’s still pie season and I’m still baking holiday pies.


I wanted to share an easy but great technique for your pie crust that’ll make it stand out.   Braided Pie Crust!

First and foremost you have to start off making basic pie dough. I did a post on this a few weeks ago click HERE to get full recipe and instructions on how to make your dough for pie crust.

Once your dough has chilled for a bit take out the fridge and start to roll out crust on a floured surface using your rolling pin. I used a pizza cutter to cut thin slices out the dough (about 1/2 inch thick).  Now take 3 thin slices of your dough and start to overlap them with each other to make a long braided crust.


I happened to be making Apple Bourbon Pies so I placed each of the braided crusts on top of the apple fillings of each pie in a lattice pattern.


IMG_20151124_134804 (1).jpg

Trim your edges and then brush your dough in an egg wash (I like to sprinkle cinnamon and cardamom on the crust before I do the egg wash) and put in the oven.

When your pie is done take out the oven let it cool and then devour it!





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