Kale Powder

First: Sorry I have been away so long I, along with my whole family, have been sick.


So I haven’t been cooking and baking as much.  However I did want to share a healthy tip/trick with you all today.

For anyone who knows me I have been trying to eat healthier, of course breaking bad habits can be hard when trying to eat healthy/clean.



But I am determined to make my meals healthier.  And a great source to start is by eating KALE!   Kale has a plethora of healthy benefits!  A few benefits from eating kale is that it is high in iron, vitamin K and fiber,  and filled with powerful antioxidants.  I have made kale chips before (delicious), however I wanted to dry them out and try them as a ‘herb’.


Buy a bunch of kale and wash it.


Set your oven to the LOWEST TEMP! Place the kale on a baking dish and set in the oven for about two hours. Then CUT OFF OVEN. But leave the kale in there to set overnight.

The next day the kale will be crispy and very brittle where it will break off easily.  Put the kale in your blender and blend until consistency is like powder.


20160122_132828 (1)


You can store the kale and use it when  cooking. I used in making spaghetti sauce, I mix in making the turkey meatballs.  I sprinkle over my soups, wraps & salads. I use it in my homemade dressings and vinaigrette. I basically use as a ‘herb’.  Just a healthy alternative. What would you use it for? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. Cool! I do that very thing. I grind mine to a fine powder. It’s a great way to add color and nutrition.

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  2. Really clever idea! You could also try making kale pesto as that’s delicious too (recipe on my blog)….

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    1. Yes great minds think alike😀 I always mix kale or spinach with my basil when making pesto. So yummy!

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  3. bhumi says:

    nice & informative…

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