Bee Pollen Granitas

Ahhh summer is around the corner and it’s getting hot outside.


Well I live in Texas so I should say it’s getting HOTTER.

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So today I decided to make a sweet treat for myself and my family. GRANITAS! Bee Pollen Granitas to be exact.



What is granita you ask? It’s basically flavored shaved ice. It can be served as a drink or cocktail.  Or you can make it as a dessert. Kind of like a snow cone.

I had a great idea to take the bee pollen I had ordered months ago and make granita with it.  Bee pollen plays a very important part in wellness and a healthy lifestyle. It boosts your immune system, it’s excellent for muscle building, stabilizes metabolism, protects against liver toxicity, and can serve as a dietary supplement. I mean I can go on but you can research all the wonderful benefits of digesting this natural treat for yourself.

Making granita is a simple formula:

Sugar + Water + Flavor = Granita

Yep that’s basically it. No fancy ice machine. Just a good old watch and wait recipe. If you want to make this recipe buy a bottle of bee pollen (I ordered mine online).


  1. Ground Bee Pollen (for vegans substitute the pollen with your favorite fruit and pureè it or try ground coffee just as delicious)



2. Add 2 tablespoons of ground bee pollen + 9 tablespoons of sugar (I used coconut sugar you can use plain granulated) + 2 1/2 cups of water. Mix all together in a bowl.


3. Find a metal pan (I just used my loaf pan) pour the mixture into the pan and place in the freezer. Freeze for an hour, scrape the ice off the sides of the pan with a fork. Continue to do this every 30 minutes until a frozen shaved ice texture forms. 


And now you have yummy granita! I served my family some granita in dessert shot glasses. Take your glass and coat the rim with pure honey and ground bee pollen.




Serve the granita in the glass and garnish with fresh mint leaves.




If you want to make this an alcoholic drink I suggest adding a honey liqueur! You’re welcome.






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