Tofu Fries

Who doesn’t love to chomp on French fries occasionally?


Of course I like to make healthier alternatives when feeding my son so I had an idea to make some Tofu Fries!

shot_1445465434129 (1)

I made these two ways. One with a sweet smokehouse rub and spicy cilantro sauce (above pic).  The other way was Asian style with a nice sweet glaze, sesame seeds and scallions.

shot_1445464143265 (1)

Tofu is very inexpensive to buy and although I haven’t really cooked with tofu it’s pretty simple to prepare and cook.  You will need to buy your tofu EXTRA FIRM.  I bought Simple Organic Truth brand it was only $1.97 at my local grocery store.


If you have never bought tofu before, the first thing you must do is press all the liquid/water out of the tofu block.  This usually takes a couple of hours (unless you have a tofu presser).  It took me approximately 3-4 hours to get all the excessive liquid out. I usually wrap it in a kitchen towel or papers towels between two plates and lay a can on top.  For a visual guide click HERE

After my tofu block was dry of all the liquid I got my cutting board and knife and started to slice my tofu.  The key to getting nice crispy tofu…potato starch!


I sifted a good amount onto my tofu before I fried them in my skillet (I used sunflower oil but I’m sure any cooking oil will do).






I fried them on each side for no longer than 2 minutes and on medium heat.  I used my iron skillet but I am sure a non stick pan will work well too.

I made a yummy Asian glaze and poured over the fries. My son loved them!

shot_1445464143265 (1)

And for myself I made a spicy cilantro ranch sauce and just drizzled over my smokehouse rub fries!


shot_1445465434129 (1)

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