Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner and many households across the country will be baking pies this year, why not put a twist on a regular pie crust.  Some people prefer to make their own (click HERE for a pie crust recipe), while others prefer to skip the work and just buy store-bought pie crusts.

Apple pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, chocolate pie, no matter what pie you may be baking why not elevate your pie with a unique crust? What about a cinnamon roll crust? That’s exactly what I wanted to do with an apple crumble pie I baked. Takes just a few ingredients and just a little bit of patience.



To get started you can either make your own pie crust or take store-bought pie crust and roll flat with a rolling-pin on a floured surface.


Take some melted butter and spread the butter on the full surface of the dough.


Sprinkle some ground cinnamon (I also did a bit of nutmeg) onto the dough. Begin to roll up the dough.



Take a knife and began to cut the dough into 1 inch thick pieces.


Take the pieces of dough and begin to roll these pieces flat with your rolling-pin. Place them in a pie dish where they are overlapping.


You can use your hands to flatten the dough to make sure the dough is covering the whole bottom of the pie pan. Take some more melted butter and brush more over the dough. I then placed my apple filling onto my cinnamon roll pie crust.

shot_1479842451598I thshot_1479842457206


I then poured on my crumble topping.


Again, you can make whatever pie filling or pie of your choice. I just thought that apple pie and a cinnamon roll pie crust would go perfect together flavor wise. If you want a yummy Apple Crumble Pie Recipe CLICK HERE to go to my Thanksgiving post from last year.




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