Top 5 DIY Easter Treats

Hi Readers! I’ve been missing in action but I am back! I have a good excuse…I gave birth to a little girl last week and I also moved to a new place a month ago, so life has been pretty hectic. I thought I would return with an Easter post and some great Easter DIY projects you can do at home with your kids. But first here is a peek at my two little bunnies.


Here are my top five DIY Easter projects you can do for your kids or kids in your family.



This tutorial from Dream A Little Bigger is a simple step by step guide on how to make these amazing galaxy print Easter Eggs. Something definitely out of the ordinary of your good old regular dyed Easter eggs. You only need a few supplies to complete this project and kids will love the overall look of the finished eggs!



This tasty Easter treat is from Crafty Morning. I can’t think of a better treat to give kids and they will have a blast making them as well. When I was young my grandmother made us Rice Krispie treats and we loved them. There were never any leftover my cousins and I would eat them all…and so will your kids!

3. Bunny Pancakes


Who doesn’t love pancakes? What’s even better….Bunny Pancakes! This fun pancake recipe from I Heart Naptime is perfect for Easter. If you have a griddle or skillet these pancakes will be easy to make for the kiddos.

4.  Easter Egg Mason Jars


These cute Easter themed Mason jars are from Mason Jar Crafts Love. A simple DIY for those kids who love arts & crafts.  A chance for kids to get creative when making these. Mason Jars are only $1 so this project is also inexpensive as well.

5.  Carrot Macarons

carrot macarons

Ok so macarons aren’t the easiest treat to make, however these carrot macarons are pretty simple thanks to Project Denneler.  And who doesn’t love macarons? Switch up the filling make it your own.


No one can resist a red velvet cake right? What about a red velvet Easter Basket Cake?


Again not the easiest to make but the finished look is amazing.



giphy (1).gif






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