Houston Hotspots: Honey Art Cafe

Tucked away in a small shopping strip center near the museum district in Houston, is a small, colorful cafe owned by art duo Lulu and Lin.  With a creative vision and the help of Kickstarter this gifted pair has made Honey Art Cafe become a reality.

The pair have set up an outlet where creative Houstonians can take art lessons and also experience delicious tasting pastries, teas, and treats. All of their menu items are priced under $10! Affordable and tasty!

Honey Art Cafe menu

I decided to order the Chocolate Mousse Cake ($6) and the Organic Milk Tea ($3.50).  The cake portion was HUGE. I was a bit shocked at how huge the cake slice was. I couldn’t even eat half of it. However it was delicious. The organic milk bubble tea was refreshing and I drank it all. Other hot items on the menu are the 8 Layer Parfait and Hong Kong Egg Waffle.

Organic Milk Tea
Chocolate Mousse Cake

I would highly suggest this place to anyone in the area. If you’re interested in taking one of their many art classes visit their site or social media accounts for details.





Honey Art Cafe 3516 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098

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