Cheap Eats: Salmon Napoleon

I’m making a post for my frugal readers out there because not everyone can afford to eat out. And most people don’t have time to make a meal that’ll take more than 20 minutes to make. So today’s post is all about taking a cheap grocery store item and making it into a gourmet meal. In this case I opted to do a twist on a Crab Napoleon.

Crab Napoleon can be an appetizer or a main dish consisted of freshly seasoned crab meat and paired with fresh food like avocado salsa,  lemon or lime juice, and cilantro oil.

I chose to use a $3 can of salmon you can get at your grocery store.



And make it into a dish you would find at your local restaurant!



If you have an avocado, lime, tomatoes, onion, and cilantro lying around then this recipe is for you! No cooking involved!

First what I did was take my canned salmon and added, mayo, cilantro, a minced shallot, lime juice, a bit of oil and salt & pepper. Mix well and refrigerate for an hour.


While that was in the fridge I worked on some cilantro sauce. Its basically just cilantro, salt, garlic cloves and some oil all blended together until smooth. I added some watercress too.


Next is making the avocado salsa which I did previously the night before.  Click HERE for a great recipe.

I had these small tin cups in which I used to assemble my meal. I put the avocado salsa in first then pressed some of the salmon on top.


You just add some of the cilantro sauce to a plate and flip over the tin cups! Add some crispy garlic onions on top and that’s it!



Healthy. Cheap. Easy. Delicious.


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