National Doughnut Day: S’more Doughnut Holes

National Doughnut Day is today!

giphy (1)

I wanted to repost one of my favorite recipes…

S’more Donut Holes!

S’more is a popular American treat! Mainly consisting of 3 simple ingredients: chocolate, toasted marshmallows and graham crackers. Pretty simple right?

So this is just a basic donut hole recipe with some added cocoa powder and some marshmallow crème.  I honestly hate to buy marshmallow crème because its super easy to make yourself but I was just being lazy.


When you buy a donut hole pan, like I did from Wilton then you know that they already have a simple donut recipe on the back of the packaging.  I just used that recipe, but added some cocoa powder to the mix. Now that I am reflecting back I wish I had used some semi-sweet chocolate chips to give the donuts a more rich chocolate taste, however they still came out yummy!



I took the marshmallow crème and added just a bit of butter (grass-fed butter is soooo good) and melted in the microwave.  I then drizzled the crème over the donuts and some of them I actually inserted the crème inside the donut (use Wilton’s round decorating tip 230).



Crush up your graham crackers and sprinkle over your donut holes.





S’mores Donut Holes!  Super easy and super yummy!


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