DIY Home Decor

This blog I started a few years ago was mainly to share my recipes and my love for all things food.  Recently I have started a new love for DIY Projects.  For anyone unfamiliar with the term D.I.Y., it’s basically an acronym for Do It Yourself.


Instead of paying for that new couch, or pair of shoes or jeans, or hiring someone to paint your kitchen, you basically just find ways to DO IT YOURSELF! It’s a great creative outlet that’s inexpensive and it’s also fun and addicting.

I am a single mom and I don’t have a lot of money to go out and spend money on new furniture or new shoes and clothes so I go online and find tips and ways to DIY. I moved into a new place a few months back and didn’t have the time or money to spend furniture shopping so I did a lot of DIY furniture projects.

Let me show you a few of the things I have worked on. Just an FYI I am in no way an expert on this, its just a fun hobby I love to do!


This dresser I found online for FREE (trust me when I tell you Craigslist is the best place to find used furniture for dirt cheap or free!).  A woman was giving away her son’s dresser.




I decided to get some 2oz bottles of white acrylic paint from Michael’s  (79 cents a bottle) and paint and stencil the dress. Total cost $8 to re-do this dresser.





These chairs were for free. Someone was moving and actually throwing these chairs out.




After cleaning them, removing the old padding and giving them a fresh spray paint makeover. I got a tablecloth at GoodWill for $6 and cut it up and used it for the new design for the chairs.




I found these IKEA tables on Craigslist. Someone was selling both tables for $30.



With a little paint and a stencil I made over these tables for under $10.



P.S. That beautiful black & white chair is from Pier 1  and someone sold it to me for $30!


A boring office chair I bought online for $10.



Some black paint and silver spray paint for the arms and legs gives this chair a modern look!



Want to decorate your wall but not break your wallet? I can’t afford any fancy canvas wall art so I decided to post pictures of what really matters…my family! I actually just got various size frames from my local Dollar Store and printed black and white pictures of my kids. I just hung them up on the wall. Everything on the wall is from the Dollar Store lol


Those are just a few of the projects and tips I have to share on DIY.  Please let me know if you guys would like to see more. I’d love to share tips and get tips from my readers. Let me know what you guys think. Until next time!

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