Jack Skellington Macarons

Halloween is around the corner…


and that means marathon watching of one of my favorite movies, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.  My kids are getting older so my son is able to help me in the kitchen. This is fun to do with the kids since they can write and draw on the macarons. Jack Skellington is simple to draw so it won’t be complicated for you or the kids to do. Are you ready?



Start with a basic macaron recipe (like the one I did HERE) some Bright White Food Coloring


A Gourmet Writer pen in Black.


And a real steady hand


When your macarons cool just take an image of Jack Skellington from your PC or laptop and start to draw.


shot_1444342526375 shot_1444342533052

I used a Marshmallow Crème filling.

shot_1444342906240 shot_1444342851326

P.S. I made some meringue kisses…Halloween style of course! Ghosts & witch’s hats. For a VEGAN version click HERE on how to make vegan meringue.



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