KFC Gravy Cocktails

Yes, you read that right. GRAVY….COCKTAILS!

giphy (1).gif

Restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland have released three recipes for cocktails using Kentucky Fried Chicken gravy.


They’re called the Gravy Mary, Southern Twist and Fingerlickin’ Sour.


Our fans repeatedly express their love of gravy, which always sparks ideas within the team,” Marion Racine, the marketing manager at KFC UK & Ireland, told The Independent. “We know our gravy is good enough to drink, so with stocktails being a real hit at the moment, what better ingredient to take them to the next level?” she asked.

I think Cosmopolitan said it best “The drinks are all best served cold and with a little side of regret.”

Not sure if this would be a big hit here in the U.S.


If you feel like you want to take a walk on the wild side below are videos on how to make these unique KFC cocktails.

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    1. Absolutely crazy! lol


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