Candied Rose Petals

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!💓💓💓

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If you’re still thinking of a gift to give this is a great treat for a loved one! This Valentine’s instead of giving your significant other flowers, why not make candy out of them?  What few people know are that roses are one of the many flowers that are edible!


Yes, it’s true!

“Flavors depend on type, color, and soil conditions. Flavors reminiscent of strawberries and green apples. Sweet, with subtle undertones ranging from fruit to mint to spice. All roses are edible, with the flavor being more pronounced in the darker varieties.” Also prior to buying the flowers be sure that the flowers have not been sprayed with pesticide. Very important!  All you need is the following:

  1. Roses or any flower of your choice (organic/not sprayed with pesticide).
  2. egg whites
  3. different color sanding sugar (Click HERE to learn how to make sanding sugar) 
  4. parchment paper (used for petals to dry on)
  5. Small watercolor brush (optional) *I just used my hands to dip the petals and coat the sugar

Pretty simple just dip each rose petal in the egg wash then cover with sugar and set on parchment paper to dry overnight. Yep that’s all there is to it!  Also when using roses be sure to remove the bitter white portion of the petals. For info on more edible flowers and a helpful chart/guide click HERE.



I LOVE chocolate…


So I decided to make some chocolate cherry bark with the candied roses!


I also made a raw vegan blueberry cheesecake and garnished the dessert with the roses!


A great simple and beautiful treat you can give someone for Valentine’s Day!


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