Halloween Treats: Jack Skellington Macarons

Halloween is around the corner… well actually 42 days away. However many retail stores have popped out the Halloween decorations and costumes.  That also means marathon watching of silly horror movies and of course one of my favorite movies, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. I actually did these Jack Skellington macarons last year for a friend and decided … More Halloween Treats: Jack Skellington Macarons

National S’more Day! S’more Donut Holes

National S’more Day is August 10th and I wanted to repost one of my favorite recipes. S’more Donut Holes! S’more is a popular American treat! Mainly consisting of 3 simple ingredients: chocolate, toasted marshmallows and graham crackers. Pretty simple right? So this is just a basic donut hole recipe with some added cocoa powder and … More National S’more Day! S’more Donut Holes

Tofu Fries

Who doesn’t love to chomp on French fries occasionally? Of course I like to make healthier alternatives when feeding my son so I had an idea to make some Tofu Fries! I made these two ways. One with a sweet smokehouse rub and spicy cilantro sauce (above pic).  The other way was Asian style with … More Tofu Fries